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A overview of the auto industry 2019

Of all the things the world expected, a revolution in the car industry was the last thing on their minds. The sector seemed mature, and the only thing left was to personalize transport and made it safer. Nobody thought a car could drive itself from A to B successfully or run on electrons.

That said, here are the most exciting trends in the auto industry in 2019

Crossover vehicles

Everybody wants to own an SUV at one point in their life. However, that remains to be a dream for most of them due to their inflated prices tags. So, most people are forced to settle for cheaper sedans.

But what if there is an option that is part SUV and part sedan? You get a car that looks like a baby SUV, and we all know babies are cute and lovable.

Crossovers are a big hit in 2019 as they are both practical and affordable. Expect to see a lot of experiments and big investments in this space.

Electric cars

Now that Elon Mask has demonstrated that electric vehicles are worth a shot, every car maker is doing something to catch up with this trend. The most interesting bit about electric cars is their ability to integrate with technology. Just about anything on them can be automated, and that brings us closer to driverless cars.

Car sharing

According to studies, people are less emotional about cars in 2019. They just don’t see the need to own a vehicle when they can share a ride, anytime, at surprisingly low prices. And that’s part of the reason why it is so popular, even in second and third world countries.

By 2030, it is estimated that one out of every ten cars sold will go to ride sharing. So, companies like Uber are only going to get bigger and better in the future.