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5 places to check out on your roadtrip to Las vegas

There are only two ways to go from LA to Las Vegas – a four-day road trip full of adventure or a four-hour drive across the open desert.

Both options will get the job done, but the slower route, where you experience a four-day itinerary in the deserts, mountains, and attractions, seems like the better option. Besides, there’s no point in rushing to a brick and motor casino when you can play online, with reputable operators like Unibet, for even less.

The first thing to do when planning any road trip, is, of course, mapping out the route. No matter where you are coming from, knowing the distance from A to B is critical to your success. It is the only way to be sure of how much gas and supplies you’ll need.

For a rough idea, the distance from Los Angels to Las Vegas is anywhere between 250 and 300 miles, depending on the starting point. And most of it will be on the interstate 15 heading north.

Here are some of the notable places that make great stopovers.

The Mormon rocks

The Mormon rocks are huge and scenic sand rocks right off the freeway. The main visitor center is just five minutes away from the highway, and there are plenty of picture-worthy landscapes. So please bring a drone.

Still, there’s no point in overstaying your visit here; there’s still a long way to go.

The Carbazon dinosaurs

The Carbazon dinosaurs are massive concrete sculptures visible right from the interstate. They are considered landmarks, and you might have even seen them in a movie.

Overall, this park is a nice place to stop and buy a gift for the kids. The entry fee is $10 for adults and $9 for kids.

The Joshua Tree

Joshua tree might seem like a random place in the desert, but it is home to the famous Skull rock and the iconic Joshua trees. The area also has a vibrant cacti population that somehow survives the heat during summer.

For your safety, please resist touching any cacti plants in this area.

Just outside the park, Pioneer town is also worth checking out. You get to see simulated gunfights in Mane street then pop in at Harriet’s pioneer palace for barbeque and dancing.

The crochet museum

If you like photos, you might want to make time for the crochet museum. It is exactly as it sounds, an old photo processing booth that honors the art of crochet.

There’s also a wooden dome made in the 1950s in the area and an outdoor museum that changes with the light. The museum features metal trees with bottle leaves and other art pieces made from scrap metal.

Seven magic mountain

Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone’s roadside art pieces are a must-see for anyone traveling along those routes. The seven magic mountains are a bunch of colorful towers standing more than 30 feet high. And are made of stacked boulders.

One and a half hours on the interstate 15 S, you’ll meet a hilly desert with shifting sands, home to coyotes, lizards and dense forests of Joshua trees. The famous Kelso Dunes are also in that area and are among the tallest in the US.

After this, you should be near Las Vegas. There, you can check out all the brick and motor casinos and spend a fortune or simply sign up on any reputable online casino for a more private and convenient way to play.


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