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The world’s best car racing games in one list

Nothing beats the thrill of unleashing your car’s raw power on a track day. But, most people can’t afford to be out there all time. And that’s part of the reasons why car games were invented. They are built and designed for the speed lover, so you can trust them with your daily dose of adrenaline.

Here are some of the coolest car games available


Apex has got the bones of a complete full triple-A video game. Just dress down to a free-to-play boat, and you get a fine-tuned racing experience with a perfect balance between realism and arcade fun.

The game looks great and even supports 4k 60fps. Plus, it comes with six maps and 62 cars – most of which are locked. But, you can unlock them by winning race medals.


Trackmania claims it sells this master piece as a free game in the truest sense of the world. It has a solo mode with 65 tracks, official ladders and a multiplayer track editor that you’ve probably seen on gaming forums.

The game has its own video studio that records all the crazy stuff you do on there. And players get a ton of car customization options. But the best part is, it’s compatible with Track Mania United forever multiplayer servers – so this game still has a lot of life in it.

Turbo GT

Turbo GT is a fast-paced, 11-payline video slot. Though it is not free to play, the game comes with a repeatable free spin that gives you the chance to keep playing. To get started, find a reputable casino operator like Unibet now.

The age of racing

This game is a free-to-download multiplayer racer that features three customizable cars. You can change performance, aesthetics, and other stuff, but not for free. You’ll have to earn gear credits in-game or purchase those upgrades with real money.

Race room

Race room is a free game with a lot of free-to-play mechanics. The basic version comes with three tracks and two cars with a bunch of different options. And the full version features over a hundred licensed cars and 25 tracks.


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